Monday, January 31, 2011

On sale

Heyy people , I'm here blogging again . Well I've something to share with you guys here . Everyone is askin me ' girl how come you're so fair , can I know whats your skincare product ' BLABLABLA . Well I'll give you an answer now . Are you a fair skin person ? Do you wish to know how to get fair skin yourself or want to have a fair complexion or to improve your complexion? In general , I've innately fair skin but its not enough to satisfy me . Yess all I want to get more smoothness and fineuniformity skin tone , so-called- BABY SKIN . I bet that every girl wish to have that especially GIRLS LIKE ME . Well you should try this if you really want to get  a natural fair skin without chemosynthesis .

 It is special formula combines micro sphere and moisturizing agents . UVA and UVB filter protect the skin from damaging sunray . Provides total skin protection against atmospheric pollution , free radicals and dehydration result . * Its especially for sensitive skin & pimples skin too , it  helps to recover your damaged skin and the scar of pimples on your face .

  ( I swear its really useful - look at me , I just apply the cream on my face , nothing else )

Application : Lighty pat anf smooth on cleansed skin or follow your beautician advise .

Ingredients : Vaseline , Talcum , Titanium Dioxide , Jojoba Oil , Beeswax , Castor Oil , Shea Butter , Salicylic Acid , Phenoxyethanol & Methylparaben & Butylparaben & Ethylparaben & Propyl paraben 

Price : RM 80 - 10ml ( mostly you can use it twice for daily *morning & night after your toner ) 
 - If you get two in one shot you can get the price of  RM 150
- If youe get three in one shot - RM 220

Comment me thru FB , blogspot , email / bbm me if you want to get it .

Fb :
Email :
BBM ( If you're bb user ) : 22EC6C75

The January

It was first month of year 2011 that so - called - JANUARY , and tomorrow's the second month - FEBRUARY , wth so fast . But still , I'm excited for the CNY . :P So how did you spent your first month of 2011 ? Mine was pretty hell FULL OF FAT-NESS in my Uni life . Ask me what I' did this month ? Eating , eating and still eating , my mouth never been close . FML . Damned that I gained about 2kg / 3kg this month , I really need to loose some weight before CNY comes. :( CNY just in the corner . Well , there's so many things poped up on my mind . What I want to do before CNY comes ? Of course I want to get more and more pretty new apparelssss for my CNY so - called - as New year Clothes . So yeah mention about CNY , there's something poped up on my mind again that's the - CNY songs . I'm awfully hate the music . Don't you feel the ' CNY songs ' damned noisy and annoying ? Idk why but I hate it , the tone of the song did really messed me up and caused me headache sometimes . LOL , and the CNY shopping is completely killing me . Indeed , I already spent about 500 for only 3 clothes , a jeans jacket , a high waist pants and a leggings . I still need to spend on shoes , bag , hat , nails and the necessary formal outfit for the presentation ? Damn the worst is Ive to use my own money to get all these . I'm broke baby . :( Fortunately my mom brought me went JJ ( Jaya Jusco ) last night and bought me the formal apparel but still , I gotta get the skirt and shoes myself . Anyway , say thank you to my loveable mommy ♥

Besides , I went sasa by reason of the APPLE , it caught my attention . Yes I meant the range of sasatinnie skin care , the fruits garden ! It's really enticing you know , I bet that all girls / boys ( maybe ) be potty about beauty stuffs and shops , particularly girlss would absolutely fall in love with these cause they are so - CUTE

So lovely right ?  I thought the very irresistibly cute packaging is one of the winning factors that got people into buying them ? At first glance you might think that this is a packaging of pudding but its just a design of the range of skincare . See how all the gullible girls bought them after the persuasion of the crazy sales assistants . Okay , so what's the big deal about this mask ?

The apple -  The green apple refreshing aqua gel helps to improve skin tone and texture . It contains antioxidants and essential nutrients to hydrate and nourish skin for a healthy a beautiful complexion .

The peach - The peach purifying peeling gel contains natural cellulose ingredients to activate skin turnover and cleanses the pores . It also contains witch hazel extract and tea tree oil to effectively help control excess oil .

The strawberry - The strawberry balancing yogurt mask leaves pores smaller and skin brighter - looking as strawberries contain salicylic acid , which reduce dead skin cells . The antioxidants in the fruit also help repair skin damage and counteract aging effects .

In fact , I'm not really a fan of yoghurt mask and gel peeling mask , so I chose this mask after the long inner battle of indecisiveness - the apple one . The gel masks smells divine , just like an apple smoothie . Notice , you can't eat this stuff . Go get a real green apple and munch it before doing the mask . Since this is a gel mask , one would expect the mask to be sticky . Well , it doesn't feel that way . Instead , I think it feels waxy than sticky , wet or moist . It actually turns into tiny water droplets when the gel mask touches skin surface . The more you massage , the more water droplets that appear . Attractive right ? Else , I think this apple gel works well as a facial fragrance because my face smells very yummy after using this mask that I sometimes feel like licking my face LOL . ( Too bad  my tongue isn't long enough to reach my chin ) And I bought this around RM31 on sale , well its cheap .

Besides you can get the information on

Another thing , I do really hope that I can grow taller even 2 / 3 cm ? Nah I knew its maximum for me cause am 19 this year already . No , I'm not officially 19 yet cause I not pass my birthday yet so I'm still 18 Yeahbiii :D . Whatever Lets back to the topic , I really want to gain height :( What to do ? Should I mix with the short people so I might look taller ? Nah , it do not works , I really need to figure out how to gain height or else I'm gonna eat more food that high in nutritive value that might help ?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What do you mean by ' friend ' ?

What do you mean by ' friend ' ? Friends are always the one who you can always talk with , spilling out your feelings , sharing with them just anything . It is something what is very valuavle but you can't buy it . It must be protected . You've to take care of friendship because it is very easy to loose a friend but after that it is much more difficult to recover it again . It is like a treasure . You must keep it in safety . If you don't , it will not last long anymore . My friends. My girls I've been with , through thick and thin , for a hell lot of years . You cry I cry . You laugh i laugh . You smile i smile . You jump off a bridge , I'll ask you to take care and say bye * Hahahaha I'm just kidding . Friendship build with trust and that's something not actually easy because , Trust takes years to build , seconds to break , forever to repair . No matter friendship / love or whatever shit . Between or among persons who accepts each other for who they are and will not change them and also who be there for each other no matter the circum and will always tell the truth no matter the harshness . Well yeah I'm lucky that I've two BEST girlfriends who I actually treat them like my true sisters . Their name's JennyTan & MipkieLim



Definitely yes they're who I always get on well with & who I like to be with and I swear I would never ever lost them , yes i do . :) They're the most.dependable person in my life , always stands by me no matter what and give me advice to figure out the problems . We've been spending time like 24 / 7 , been through alot of things , memories that we had , things that we did , the joyful part , funny part , depressed part , blast , dumb or whatever shit would never fade away , that was indeed the most memorable day of my life . Although sometimes there's some arguments between us , some awkward situation , we talk we calm , Forgive and Forget . And something that I really really want to tell you guys but I just don't know how to . So yeah I'm writing at here and hope that you'll read this . I have to say that . Iloveyou girls you guys rawt , you're my SISTERS for lifetime . LotOfLove

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life - hard

Yesss nowadays I'm super double busy man ! Besides I'm going to insane when I know I've to do my personal assignments and the group assignments , FML . Everything is become upside down . Damned !  I'm so - very - super exhausted nowadays and I want to do alott alott of assignments before March that I've to hand it up in end of the March / begin of the April before the Sem break and ive to get formal outfit for the presentation of course . So mean I'm so gonna dressing up like O.L for the course presentation . Yes I' exactly like it somehow I'm gonna get one full set for the talk of Business on Wednesday in the hall , today . Gasp , my timetable on Wednesday which is really like W-T-H due to I' gotta wake up early 6 in the morning to get ready for the class and I should've my breakfast before that because I'm having the full day of class after all . But that's alright for me cause I'd got two pieces of bread for breakfast this morning . Grin* Only this morning . Well I should've my meal on time cause I've absolutely weak soma , I was put on iron tablets for my anaemia , it actually supposed to say ' I've anaemia and I'm always lack of physical strength ' ? Well , I'll take good care of myself no worries :)

Here some pixes sharing *

I swear I didn't apply any makeups on my face , look pale right ? :( yeah i knew it .
 Outfit for the another day . I love my jeans wear coat hell much yeayyy

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Baby Cell ?

Blackberry or Iphone 4 ? Bet that there's alot of people dilemma about this question ? Yes I'm the same too . I was surrounded by this whether which should i pick either The Berry or The Apple ? Well , there's the differences here.

* BB

It's the boldest Bb , gets you to all your most-used apps faster . So right away you can surf and download rich web pages in a snap with the nes browser and find everything you're looking for with universal search . Chat in real time with BBM , wherever you are , BBM let's you connect to the people who matter most and say it with words , pixes , voice notes and stuff . What's more ? You can share it all using one screen and also create a different groups , tailored to your specific interests and relationships . And ONE more , BBM gets your msg to where they're going in no time . And enables BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) that is the level necessary to activate BBM . So yeah i bet every BB owner is clear with this ? And those app such as twitter , msn , and so on . Yeah you can also search for details review of BB on google otherwise the official bb website ? Here you got ,

Another, * Iphone 4 
Uhmmm yeaa that's a Iphone 4 , awesome right ? Nooo im waiting for the Iphone 5 , the next big news for Apple would be the exact release date of version 5 . Its even cool and amazing than these . But idk when is the Iphone 5 release date ? And definitely it even major costly expensive goods . And i found this on a website * It was also rumored that there would be a February release date , but that is highly unlikely due to the fact that Apple has just released the Beta version of version 4.3 . This version is set to be available in February or possibly as late as March . With version 5 , there are a number of different upgraded and noteworthy items . One of the most discussed would be the use of Near Field Technology . This allows users to utilize their phone as a payment system at stores , vending machines and more . But I think nothing can be confirmed as to what is included in the update, so Iphone enthusiasts will have to wait until to the official release to get all of the details .

And the price disparities between bb and iphone are :
BB cost around 1k 800 if you got it yourself / cost around 2k ++ if you got it thro contract of any telco service provider for 2 years . 
Iphone cost around 3k + if you got it thro contract of any telco service provider for years .
*Idk what's the current price for the telco service provider of maxis / celcom and so on but my eldest sister got that of digi and it cost 3k 900 of the contract of 2 years and it cost 150+ per month - if I'd no mistake .

And finally i got my Baby Bb the other day hehehe * Grin .

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, I've really erratically sleeping time since I'd started my Uni life . How to say? I felt exhausted after class but I am active mainly at night and I fell into bed utterly exhausted after class. Idk why : / Besides my baby face GONE :'( I'm so.very.the.most.hard working in skin caring actually, I did apply moisturizing mask * Not whitening cause I'm fair enough! But I'm trying not to apply any makeups on my face, thats why you can see my face look so pale and my skin so-very uneven! FML. But my skin is getting better today cause i did drank plenty of water :D Teehee. Another thing, I think I should've go for a haircut especially my super fucked up fringe.
Can you see the pimples on my cheek ? Yeah that is . And i swear i didn't apply any makeups on my face so that you can see the pimples & my dark circle .

Going to bed, Night peeps

Monday, January 10, 2011

The begin ♥

Yes today is the first day, the first day I' start my uni life in Inti :D Frankly I was so excited and we were planning for what to wear on the day. Gasped out to say - NO, we're not going to dress up like a slut on the catwalk, we're just looking for some long tee or long single with leggings or jeans for the outfit? Somehow It's look better & decent and not boredom with the same routine that we're going to dress up the further almost everyday cause we'll never ever trying to put on the dress to college for the outfit unless presentation or we cannot help doing with that. Besides Idk why we ended up wearing like twins sister with the hiplength and leggings. Well the first lesson is English, we've not learn anything from the begin week of the first semester as known, we'd just wasted our time on the lecturer craps and the introduce. End of the blogging, there're some vain pixesssss again with the outfit today that took by webcam.

 To my LOVE one .
 I meant my family :D

Goodnight peeps . :)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Days in campus

It' had been days that I didn't updates my blog already and yeah I'm in KL currently. Gasp, I mean I'm at somewhere around nearby kl - NILAI. * For enrolling my Uni stuff & gotta check in the hostel. Well, I'd been here yesterday for check in my hostel and i got the same room with Milky :D First of all, I was worry about my roommate is a mf***** cause In fact I don't really enjoy the society with strangers. Sure I'm talkative but only with my friends *You guys should know me right I'm crazy party animals after I warm up! Well back to the topic, so I' got the same room with milky, finally :D but the room is awfully effin worse and narrow further than I expected. Groaned out! We've to live here for years, after all. The room needs some tidying up and we spent hours to arrange the room, completely removed for cleaning and stuff and the next day we're going to KL central after the enroll and stuff. *pixes

Saturday, January 01, 2011

First day of 2011

It's the first day of 2011, so.. What's your wish? World peace? No war no argue no bully no accidents?. Yeah I wish a lot and hope that will come true! I've even more dreams and I'm still pursuit my dream all the time, yeah hope I do. I'd been stayed at home for all day long in a awfully dumb mood and amused my crying nephew baby. He's snuggled into me and murmuring to himself. Hawww cute! He's merely 4 months, super loveable! Hahaha I want a Baby all at once! \Grin!