Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fashion Is Art

Halooo. Time to blogggg again. Hehh hehh actually, I'm sleepy, my brain is not functioning and my eye lids are so heavy, but I feel like blogging right now rather than watchin the time fly without doing anything haha. Wanted to talk about the fashionable designed in the world.

It's hard to imagine a dress made entirely out of coke cans or a teddy bear skirt but in the premiere issue  these images have become reality.  A famous photographer Ryan Yoon makes household items and various other objects fashionable by turning them into wearable works of art.  Of course this has been done before but never in such a glamorous and arty way. (check out these pics)

I love how the waist is accentuated while the bottom falls into a full and flowy skirt.  Would you wear this lolllll? 

This is awesome lol


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning with mac

Well, I'm really addicted to MacbookPro nowadays.So good to see people editing nice things nice pictures and nice video by using MacPro. Well its really delightful. Lol. Seriously I need something better than compare with the stupid lappy im using right now.

Built on the world’s most advanced operating system, the Mac is as easy to use as it is powerful. It comes with applications that help us create amazing projects. And you can do even more with iWork, pro applications and OS X Server.
  • To share & work well
  • To maximize your facetime
  • Podcast Producer 2 
  • Wiki Server 3
Every Mac includes iLife, a suite of digital content creation applications that enables teachers to design even more engaging lessons and students to create even more dynamic projects.
  • Photo - You can search through your photos easily, since iPhoto automatically organizes them according to where they were taken and who’s in them. iPhoto also makes it easy to create captivating slideshows and amazing photo books. So you can make your own vocabulary book or document a field trip complete with snapshots. You can even create and send messages using beautifully designed email templates — all without leaving iPhoto. 
  • Movie- You’ll start by adding video, photos and music, then fine-tune your projects with simple yet powerful editing tools. iMovie automatically adds animated titles and sophisticated transitions, transforming raw footage into a video scrapbook, a broadcast news segment or anything else your imagines. 
  • GarageBand - Create educational podcasts for you to create your own news broadcast or radio show, complete with expert interviews. With GarageBand, you'll have everything you need to record, mix and master your own songs and podcasts. 
A simple way to make documents, spreadsheets and presentations shine.

When you’re ready to take projects to a higher level, Apple offers more advanced applications that let you enhance photographs, make music and edit video like the pros.
  •  Aperture - Cull shots, enhance and retouch images, manage massive libraries, share work online, and print professionally designed albums.
  • Final Cut Pro X - One revolutionary app gives you incredible pro editing features — including sound and color — that are easy and intuitive to use. 
  • Logic Studio -  Translate inspiration into expert-level recordings with Logic Studio, a complete set of professional audio applications that lets you write, record, edit, mix, and perform.
What are you waiting for? Select your MacBookPro today!

Product Image 

13-inch: 2.4 GHz (RM3699)                       13-inch: 2.8 GHz (RM4599)
2.4GHz dual-core                                          2.8GHz dual-core 
Intel Core i5                                                   Intel Core i7 
4GB 1333MHz                                              4GB 1333MHz 
500GB 5400-rpm1                                                      750GB 5400-rpm1
Intel HD Graphics 3000                                 Intel HD Graphics 3000
Built-in battery 7 hours                                   Built-in battery 7 hours                                                                                
 For more information about MacPro

Uhm,I guess that's it for today, just a random blog post. Have a nice day peeps! :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011


所有問題一旦熱情冷卻 特別明顯


因為  也許





因為傷不起   所以承受不起 
但是  我的世界全給你了