Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Normal day

Time to blogggg again. Actually, I'm nearly asleep, my brain is not functioning and my eye lids are so heavy, but I feel like blogging now. I regretted for not attending class this morning cause I was having headache and not feeling well such. I have been studying for 3 hours after my headache slightly better, but it comes again. I really have no idea for my study today. Business Accounting. Admit this my account is really poor :( So blog first, then study again, good plan right? Wait waitt, before this, I need get something to eat first. Ive been starving for all day long.

Btw, I'm still having headache and sorethroat. I'll drink as much water as possible.

Post a happy picture to remember myself not to stress out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BB gone.

Well since I'm free now, I shall blogging. I MUST KEEP MY BLOG UPDATED. Can't believe that I'm actually blogging this late somemore I have 8am class tomorrow. It's okay. I feel bad for not updating frequently. It comes on my mind suddenly, I really miss my blackberry right now, I miss the way I text with my friends, the way I spam my boyf' inbox. Message and pictures in the phone. Ughhhh. ALL GONE! :( How would it happened :(

Sigh. Off to bed, gonna wake up early tomorrow. :(
Goodnight people.