Saturday, May 14, 2011


有時候也會突然覺得很累   累到什麼也不想   也不管   在乎的事情假裝遺忘   在乎的人假裝不在乎   有時候想停下腳步  原地逗留
你累   真的很累  沒關係 真的   暫時卸下那些偽裝
堅強   做任何想做的事情   什麼也不管  什麼也不想 

讓那些不該有的思念慢慢停止  就這樣停下來   人生在很多時候要學會放棄才會得到新的幸福   放棄一種思念  一種期望   一種感情   因為學會放棄   因為它們並不屬於我   過去相信的一切  現在回頭想想   不值得  真的不值得   明知道會受到傷害  明知道會沒有結果
   還在堅持  到底還在堅持什麼   想了很久  真的應該結束過去了   記憶堆積在心裡的角落   它讓你笑過  哭過   幸福過  那就夠了 真的   一天一天  心裡裝的越來越多  也越來越重

每個人都背負著一個沉重的十字架  在緩慢而艱難地朝著目的地前進 有些黑暗  只能自己穿越   有些痛苦  只能自己體驗 
永遠無法改變無奈 經歷了 累了倦了也 懂了嘗試忘記過去那些不開心的事情   不要讓心太累   不要追想太多不屬於自己的   這個世界上真正屬於自己的東西並不多  如果不好好珍惜   它就會離你而去

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Herbalife for weight loss

Well here I am. Have short updates today. Get to know that I want to lose weight from my previous post right. 3 weight, enough. And I' went out with my best sister today - Jenny Tan & we talk a lot about this.


Herbalife programme helps you to  lose weight and change shape when you've reached your target weight, it will help you to maintain it.  At the same time helping you  to gradually change eating habits too, so that you can keep the weight off for good. It provides technologically advanced products which, combined with a healthy lifestyle, help increase your body's own natural fat burning ability by utilisng thermogenic ingredients. It is a system designed for optimal weight control and powered by optimum nutrition. If you want to lose weight, improve your health, you've to try this, seriously. But meal Replacement Diets do work, but often don't produce long lasting results because once people are tired of spending money on the product, they revert back to their old habits of eating and often gain the weight back. So you've to be patient enough to reduce appetite for the outcomes of diet. And you do.

Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
  • 30 day supply for weight loss (twice a day)
  • 60 day supply for weight maintenance (once a day).
  • A healthy meal for balanced nutrition
  • Manage weight, gain better health
  • Protein and healthy fiber, nourish your body with cellular nutrition

Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate

  • Get an energy boost
  • Enjoy the benefits of green tea
  • Manage your weight
  • Low in calories and carbohydrates
Herbalife Snack Defense - A Weight-management Supplement to Control Cravings
  • Appetite control
  • Weight control
  • Weight loss supplements
  • Natural weight loss
Lets get one If you're lazy as me that do not do any exercise and on diet plans. :) 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to Ipoh

Hello peoples I'm blogging again. Feel like blogging at this hour,wanted to talk about this - I'm havin my sem break now for 2 weeks. I was so excited cause am going to meet my beloved mom & lovely friends. Awww seriously I miss you guys so so much I'm gonna back to heaven stick with you guys 24/7. Uhmm... No. I've to spend time with my mom too so.. Outing with you guys at night? Or someday but not everyday.. Sorry my fairies, forgive me okay? :)

Well, the weather is awfully hot until it can burn you up. I bet the icebergs were melting away too. What to do? Lets have a cup of ice blended, chocolate? Yes starbucks <3

Saturday night - my beloved baby sister Mipkie Lim's farewell party - messed in the club :)

3M - Munhon Miko Mipkie

Alvin & Jackie

The show of the big huge cow eat the lil cute goat?

Kim mun

See you next year baby, take good care yourself in sg anyway miss you <3

Another thing, I gained weight again. Look at my effin face and arm, Idk wtf is wrong with me. Stupid fat arm slim down please. I think I should've a plan for diet. Gonna loss about 3 kg and back to my previous weight 40. Anyway my diet plan is not a healthy way of diet I knew cause I don't exercise at all. I don't like sweating, the smells of sweat is so hard olfactory. I just limit my meals, I still eat of course just lesser. Trying to slim down. Never satisfy, gonna strive for it. :)