Saturday, March 19, 2011

Got a new hairstyle

Hey peoplesssss I am back ! Well it's already middle of march . I've just realized that I didn't get this updates for ages . Now , I am here blogging :D
Look at my stupid long long hair . Boring hair , and the colour fade away . I have really no idea what to do with my stupid damaged hair . I guess I need to have a new hair style soon :P chopping it off and get a striking hair color - BLACK SO BLACK !
I like this , seriously :)

Friday, March 04, 2011

Halo peoples I'm back ! Yeah baby I'm so - very - super busy nowadays and everything' on the track  besides I've had my test today so yeayyy :D *Happy for three seconds and depressing again cause I've alotttttttttt assignments , tutorial works , presentation and so on ' WAVING ' to me that I've to hand up & done before April . Yea I will be insane soon , very soon . FML . Times to be hardworking again and I can sense tho , there's something else coming to me - Damned sick ! Idk why every month Ive once sorethroat & headache , is that the weather problem or I hadn't drunk enough water per day or else my Iron pills which cause me that ? Fuckin pills I'm so gonna stop you . : / 

And here I want to share , I' listened this song in my friend's car and I really like it :)

Goodnight peoples :) <3