Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day in Isc

Its time for some updates again but I've really no idea what to blogging about? Uhm yeah, new year is just right in the corner. So. What's the plan for tomorrow? Club again? Altho we're parties peoples but we do hope to get a different new year eve countdown but not jam on the street and shout or scream whatever 3 2 1 to pass through our new year eve countdown? Darn Its bored okay. Well back to the topic, I'd just went ISC with my friends for dinner just now. I had my Honey Roast Chicken, banana ship, lemon tea and the seafood salad. I'm not full yet although I've ate a lot. Well what's ISC that I mentioned - Ipoh swimming club ' somewhere like a clubhouse that you can do whatever sports at here like swimming, badminton, golf, etc and for sure, snooker! In fact I don't even know how to play but everyone are proficient in this, I meant most of my friends. So whenever they're snooker-ing, I'm just sitting aside like a robot or else I will be fly so high keep on screaming or singing. Silly*

Monday, December 27, 2010

Screw in the club

It's some short updates again, ;)
Well yeah I had spent my Christmas Eve countdown night in club with bunch of friends, we had real blast partying but majority of us were pissed up, include me. I didn't have the countdown mood in the beginning but I tried to warm up after all its Christmas Eve. Alvin kept got me beer & whiskey until I drunk. I was trying to drink my trouble away, after a while I got stoned out of my mind, alky has left me rather groggy. Guess what we shall warm up and party tonight :) Anyway I've real fun tonight altho I had one hell of a hangover the next morning but I'm still happy for it. :)


Dress up for the night ;D

Lastly, Merry Christmas to all the lovely peoples who is viewing my blog.  
* I can't wait for new year hehehe. Whats the plan ?


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry christmas 2010.

Christmas is coming :D I bet everywhere is gonna be jam, especially Christmas Eve. I don't want going to KL this year for Christmas eve countdown cause everyone' in ipoh . Yeah tonight is gonna be crowd everywhere, am exactly sure! Tonight will be a good good night! Alright back to the topic, I'm so gonna spend my first SINGLE Christmas with my friends yeah i mean, I'm available hahaha. So peoples get me and party tonight :)
* & for all the lovely people who is viewing my blog, Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year, may bring you joyful & happiness in your life!

And to myself. Goodbye 2010, to lonely nights, to broken promises, to all the fucked up pains. There should be an ending and start with loves beginning :)
And once more,  
Merry Christmas !

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dyed my hair

I'm exhausted . I didn't sleep much yesterday , or else should I say I didn't sleep at all ? : / 
Thanks to the stupid flu and headache . Wake up at 11 in the morning but am waiting for Teresa's call and heading to the salon which in ipoh garden east area . I was booking for the hair treatment and gonna dye my Smoothness Long Hair *Hahaha hell no , my hair' dried all the time since i was dyed it infinity time formerly . It seriously damagedddd but i've no idea to do with my roots , The stupid roots are growing fast . How could i get back my smoothness babylong hair . : ( 
Without makeup , only eyebrows
* See , my hair seriously damagedd .

I was dilemma in which color should I dye almost half hour . Beige ? Blonde ? Brown ? Got it lighter ? Or ... But absolutely no RED . So yeah , i choose the natural medium beige blonde as the color , its the same colour with Chee . * Pic upload soon . :D
Finish at 6 & we' going to jj for get something new . (We are so meant Me , Teresa , Chee , Soon phin and davin ) I just bought a heels at Nose cause we hadn't to stay out longer . Yea abit rush to get something else cause today is the midwinter festive , *Shouldbe call this if ive no mistake . Davin give me a lift to home around 8 at night and he got home . 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy birthday mom !

Well its a new day again. Yesterday was past, win my way. Take the best, forget the rest and someday we'll find these are the best of times. :) Peace. Anyway come to the topic its so unbelievable that I've stayed at home all day long. Dressed up and get ready for dinner with family tonight, the celebration of mom's birthday. 
Happy birthday mommy!

A kiss for you, mommy