Saturday, July 14, 2012

Double Eyelid Tutorial

Huge & deep eyelid, Big & round eyes shape, every girls' dreams. I'm one of the little girl who tried to apply the eyelid tape everyday just wanted to make my eyes look more attractive. My upper eyelids are actually very puffy but thanks to double eyelid tape make my eyes look so 'electric'!  The power of double eyelid!

Okay. Firstly we need to understand what are single-lids and double lids? Single lids are eyelids that don't have a crease above the lash line, but double lids do. There are many naturally double-lidded and single-lidded Asians in the world.

So this is the magical things that i use. (I got it from Chinkie Candy)

Step 1
First, Prepare a pair of scissors. I don't use it by the whole tape cause it look unnatural on me. Try to make it half

 Can you see the line? My eyes are puffy and round. Half of the tape will look exactly nice on me. You can try to make it until the crease is a natural size for your eye shape and size. This might take a few tries so don't get too frustrated if you can't get them even the first time! Practice makes perfect and soon you will know what looks best on you.

Step 2.
Reverse the eyelid tape that you have cut. Reverse here means upside down the tape. Stick them on your eyes from the middle of your crease. Do not peel the white paper off until you apply the tape on your eyes. Be careful while peel off the white paper because the tape is double sided.

Step 3.
This is the tool come with the double eyelid tape which help to make your eyelid deeper after you apply the tape. Grab it and find your perfect eyelid.

 It looks invisible on my eyes :P

and now.... look at the differences!

I know it called big different >.<

The power of double eyelid & Makeups

Go get it from Chinkie Candy today!

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