Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheers to Dior

Hey people I'm here blogging. It's long updates today about perfume and nowadays I'm dilemma about this - Which perfume should I get the next? Well I'm Lancome Miracle Perfume user. I remember.. Past year, It was given by my mom. Miracle is classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance. The scent possesses a blend of fresh and spicy floral, yea should be like.. amber and jasmine? Anyway It is recommended for casual wear. And now I need a new version of perfume.

Dior Miss Dior Cherie EDP for women

I have just learned that a new version of Miss Dior Cherie EDP is arrived on the market and will be announced with a new advertising campaign featuring actress Natalie Portman.

This is a new version which is more subtle and charming that the edition from 2005 created by perfumer Christine Nagel. The new edition is being created by Francois Demachy, who combines essences to contribute to a more sophisticated presentation of Dior's Cherie. The sources state that ''Dior's girl is grown up and is now a woman who loves.''

The new Miss Dior Cherie EDP arrives in a flacon which differs from the 2005 version, so fans of the old edition won't be confused when shopping.

Miss Dior Cherie Dior for women 2005 edition    
Miss Dior Cherie Extrait de Parfum 2005 edition

Dior is introducing a new and charming girl, Miss Dior Cherie. Sweet and gourmand notes of pop corns in the heart, so unusual, make this perfume appealing to youngsters. Miss Dior Cherie is young and romantic, she possesses good taste and style, smart and youth. The top notes are wild strawberry leaves and green tangerine. The heart features caramel pop corns surrounded by violets, wild strawberry, so strong and seductive and pink jasmine. The fresh patchouli leaves and crystalline musk. - for the 2005 version
Miss Dior Cherie EDP 2011 edition
This is a new version which is more subtle and charming that the edition from 2005. Dior's girl is grown up and is now a woman who loves. Sexy, wears stilettos, and will break men's hearts. This is a grown-up, sexy version of Miss Dior Cherie.
All fans of Dior will be thrilled to hear that starting in March 2011, Dior's website will publish information and posters of the new fragrance, in a romantic and elegant way appropriate for the new composition. Miss Dior Cherie EDP (Christine Nagel 2005) will be available on the market while stocks last, and the new edition Miss Dior Cherie EDP (Francois Demachy 2011) wlil replace it completely. If you truly like the first edition, think about buying it soon.

The most awaited day arrived, the campaign of Miss Dior Cherie 2011 started in the perfume shops. As excited as I am, I easily tested this perfume on my wrist. Hmm...

This new Miss Dior Cherie is a flirtatious fragrance that opens very sweet like the 2005 EDP version but it’s less juicy. It has a smell that is sweet but not strong, the scent is refined, elegant and uplifting. The tangerine and strawberry are very prominent and crisp. It dries down to alluring essence of patchouli with a soft hint of jasmine. A delicious scent that's truly irresistible. Very feminine without being overly girlish, It actually very elegant and unique, romantic, cheerful as filled with dreams and desire they to come true. This perfume will linger in your nose as a sweet reminder of the happiness in the little things :)

Well, I liked this perfume the first time I smelled it, and still love it a lot! Love the bottle. It’s just so pretty and gorgeous which makes the experience of applying this perfume so much better. Love the scent too and pampered when I wear it because has a scent that doesn't fade away throughout the day. It’s not a harsh scent, but it is strong and lovely.

One of the best beautiful perfumes ever made. Cheers to Dior :)

I think I am going to get the new version soon in May along with the old version. Sweet or elegant :)

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